Overview of the Rules

For this competition, you will be making a 3-5 minute video creating a baked good. You can enter any cake, cookie, cupcake, etc. that you have personally created, either from scratch or with pre-made boxed ingredients. You will send this video to us and register for the event by Friday, April 16th to be entered into the competition, registration is $5. The top 3 winners will receive a monetary prize. We will be hosting a live Virtual Judging Ceremony via Zoom on Friday, April 23rd at 6pm CST, where we will show the final pictures for all participants, and the three videos for the top winners. 

This competition is open to all students involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon.  

Judging Guidelines

We will be hosting a live Virtual Judging Ceremony via Zoom on Friday, April 23rd at 6pm CST. 

Our project team members, Sarah Brown, Gonzalo Segura, Kaitlyn Brecker, and Elena Lopez, will be judging this competition along with Headquarters staff, Sam Mischio!

 Judging will be based off of:

Presentation– Quality of video & baked good.

Creativity– Was it unique? 

Resources/effortHow difficult was the candidates baking to achieve and how much resources did they need to achieve the final result?

Relation to an overall PSE theme– Through colors? Mascot? Anything works if you can explain why you think your creation relates to PSE. 

Each category is worth 25 points, so we will be judging on a 100 point scale. 

Sample Video

How to Enter:

To make things easier, we recommend uploading your video to YouTube, then submitting the link to your video. If you are unable to upload your video to YouTube, please email your video via zip file to 

Registration for the event is $5. We are accepting payment through Venmo. 

Venmo: @PSEgammazeta (See below)

Gamma Zeta Venmo Link

Please include Name & School/Chapter